These Beer Packages Set the Gold Standard

March 20, 2018

beer can

St. Paddy’s Day has come and gone, but we’re still reflecting on the weekend’s festivities. Sure, it would be nice to crack open a cold one after work in celebration of our Irish friends, but like all things in life, we’re all about the packaging. Today on the Ernest blog we’re taking a look at some flashy beer cans and bottles that weren’t wearing green for the holiday.

Krone is a new Norwegian brand of beer. Its name translates to “crown,” and they have a fittingly royal goal: to rise above established brands in their industry, using packaging as their claim to the throne.

To say Krone’s aluminum cans are glitzy is an understatement. Not only is their logo printed in shiny gold ink (they even use real gold to print it on their bottles!), the cans themselves are made from a brilliant gold aluminum that truly stands out on the shelves.

Krone explains the “choice of color hints at beer tradition and quality,” but choosing cans as a packaging material means they’re joining a new tradition pioneered by American craft breweries. As interest in craft beverages rises so too does the interest in reducing our impact on our planet.

And for all those Norwegians taking a vacation to get away from those cold winter nights, they’ll find that gold beer packaging is very much in style in the Mediterranean, too! Based in a Greek archipelago, Seven Island Brewery is making a bold statement by using hand-lettering on a gold illustration. Much like Krone, Seven Island says the packaging connotes a premium product while “retaining the raw feel of home brewing.”

When you rub your fingers along the label, you’ll actually feel the beer’s name as though it was written with a thick marker. Silkscreen printing is the key to the magic. The textured handwriting occasionally dips behind the gold lion illustration, giving the impression that the two exist in a 3D space on the bottle. We’re all for getting more hands-on with our packaging, whether it’s got beer in it or not!

It takes a lot to stand out on a crowded shelf, but your packaging deserves its time to shine. Ernest can help choose the right material to take your product to the next level, and the results can be fit for a king. Check out our white paper to see how we helped a nut manufacturer claim their throne.