Beer Packaging: Not the Same Old Story

June 20, 2017

Drink Can

Is it 5 o’clock yet? As we’ve mentioned before, a lot of great ideas revolve around a pint glass: we’ve seen beer packaging inspire philosophical discussions around the world and try to save our planet’s oceans. Now, for its latest trick, one brewery is turning your fridge into a library with their storybook approach to packaging.

Oskar Blues, the 10th largest US craft brewery, is a pioneer in its industry. In 2002 they became the first craft brewery to can their beer, and continue to champion the use of aluminum as better for your beer and better for the environment: cans keep harmful light and oxygen out of your beer, use less energy to recycle, and since they’re lighter than glass they don’t burn as much fuel as shipping glass. Their commitment has even led to innovation in aluminum packaging, with the invention of the recyclable 32-ounce “crowler” can to move away from glass containers entirely.

After 15 years of canning, the brewery is taking a break from looking forward to look back and celebrate their rise from quirky outsider to industry leader. This summer Oskar Blues rolled out their flagship brew, Dale’s Pale Ale, in 16-ounce cans featuring artwork detailing their unlikely journey. The panorama unfolds when the cans are lined up:

  • the scene begins in Lyons, CO where the company got its start as a brewpub;
  • it hikes across the great outdoors of Brevard, NC, the site of the brewery’s second production facility;
  • and finally settles in for some tunes in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX, where Oskar Blues has most recently expanded.
A preview of the Dale’s Pale Ale panorama

At Ernest Packaging we know just how it feels to be quirky. In our 71 years of business, we’ve done our fair share of Moving Packaging Forward to find the best solution to fit our customers’ needs, even if we have to invent it. We have a lot to celebrate, but nothing is more important to us than better connecting you with your customers.

Just like Oskar Blues’ journey, you’ve got an amazing story to tell about how you got to where you are. We’d love to hear it. Give us a shout to see we can find the absolute best solution for you, and only you.