Blown Away By Ernest Packaging Solutions -- Again

January 31, 2012

Sometimes, you’ve got to risk life and limb — and in our president’s case, noggin — for your cause. Especially when it comes to packaging.

Our fearless president, Tim, has bravely faced terrifying encounters both with a ready-to-hatch carton of cobra eggs (!), with the tusks of an aggressive elephant hungry for a salty snack (!!) — and all in the name of packaging (!!!). What a valiant guy!

Is there anything that Tim, along with the engineers in Ernest’s Innovation Lab, won’t do to ensure the safety of packaging contents? We think not.

This time, our plucky president has been charged with the challenge of preserving the integrity of an antique hurricane lamp in the face of — you guessed it! — the howling gale-force winds and torrential rains of a hurricane (not to be confused with a tropical storm).

Tim heads into the Innovation Lab, and the team gets to work on safe, secure packaging with water-resistant and waterproof materials.

Then he’s off to an undisclosed beachy area rife with hurricanes to test the packaging solution. He and the package fly through the black skies, getting pummeled with wind and rain. The storm subsides, and as the sun comes out, it’s time for the big reveal.

So did Tim and the Innovation Lab team pull it off and keep the hurricane lamp safe? Find out below.

Having the ability to protect a precious antique lamp during a severe storm isn’t the only solution the brains at Ernest Packaging have up their collective sleeve. Ernest is up for any and all challenges, no matter how weird, you can bring to the table. Contact Ernest now, and see what we can do for you.