Cash Out On Creativity! Repackage Your Products For The Holidays

October 09, 2012

All companies try to push it to the limit during the last part of the year.  And nothing’s wrong with ERNEST-LY trying to finish the year in the black!  In theory, a final uptick  during Q4 will leave companies in a better spot for kicking off the new year.  Now that sounds like something to spread holiday cheer about!

Starbucks Red Cup

So what is it that will bring your business that final CASH COW? Well. It will take a little creativity and a change in direction. That’s an area of expertise of ours.

Many company’s reposition fan-favorites to give them a little something extra around the holidays or Q4. This repositioning may be as simple as a new color, flavor, or — CHA-CHING — a sleek new packaging design.

Think the Starbucks red cup. The annual design change on the infamous coffee cup creates quite a buzz among coffee drinkers everywhere. Plus, isn’t your cup of joe just a LITTLE more delicious when it’s painted with reindeer and snowflakes?

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we engineer sleek and innovative designs for all of our retail clients. Need some advice on how to help your Q4 numbers look a little cheerier this holiday season? Give us a call!