Cold-Chain Packaging to Beat the Heat! But Not THAT Heat

June 17, 2014

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been seeing a lot of people around the country holding up “Beat the Heat” signs. At first we were excited – a little surprised, even – that people were taking such a keen interest in cold-chain and heat-resistant packaging solutions.

Well, color us embarrassed because it looks like these people are not celebrating cold-chain logistics, but instead rooting for various NBA teams to put an end to the Miami Heat’s reign of terror and stop them from winning their third straight title. (Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs on their NBA championship!)

We’re not giving up that easily, though; it’s time for the true champions of heat fighters to take center stage. That’s right: Cold-chain solutions have more impact on your daily life than basketball players, so why shouldn’t we celebrate?

Everything from the food you eat to the medicine you take and more has to remain below a certain temperature, or it can spoil. When shipping products across country (or across oceans!), this constant battle between the outside heat and the packaging’s temperature-controlled inner lining rages for days or even weeks.

It takes a lot to handle the heat, and that’s why we’ve created TempEndure® engineered systems brochure. This sustainable approach to cold-chain was created by our Innovation Lab and gives packaging its own internal environment. It is customized to maximize temperature control efficiency – lowering the cost of your freight. TempEndure® uses a range of refrigerants, insulators, outer protection and inner containers can meet your cold-chain needs, no matter what your cargo or shipping route includes.

Don’t go with those cheesy stock products that leak away your protection and cost savings! Take a customized approach with TempEndure®! Here’s the way that includes cobras (we like the cobra way better):

Are your cold-chain solutions going up in smoke? Contact us today and learn how Ernest Packaging Solutions can help keep your packaging moving forward, no matter how hot it gets.