Corrugated-Curious Cat Shipped to Hawaii

December 23, 2014


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Curiosity killed the cat, or so they say. However, for one very lucky feline, curiosity also got her a free trip to Hawaii. At Ernest, we’ve done a lot of wild things with cardbord, but Mee Moowe, a gray cat from Virginia, managed to do something that even we haven’t— sneak her way onto a corrugated trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Smooth move, Mee Moowe. Smooth move.

We also can’t get enough of cats who can’t get enough of corrugate. These frisky felines entertain us, and in the case of Mee Moowe, totally inspire us.

After sneaking her way into a cardboard moving box, the gray cat, unbeknownst to anyone else, was sealed up and shipped from Virginia to Hawaii. Mee Moowe survived within the sturdy walls of corrugate for 36 days without food and water.

She traveled by land and sea while her family delayed their move by three days to see if she would appear back at their Suffolk, VA home. They were sure she’d been startled by the commotion of movers and boxes but never would have imagined that she’d literally been caught up in the commotion.

When the movers arrived to the family’s Hawaii home, they heard a “meow” from Mee Moowe from within one of the boxes. Poor Mee Moowe was sick, dehydrated and starved, but she was sent to a local vet to recuperate and stay in quarantine until her vaccination process is up to date.

Hats off to Mee Moowe!

At Ernest, we’re always challenging corrugate to protect precious cargo — like when we shipped cobra eggs across the desert.

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