Cut Your Packaging Down to Size Ahead of UPS & FedEx Shipping Changes

July 10, 2014

packaging box

We’ve got some pretty sizable news for you: Both UPS and FedEx recently announced that they’ll not only be taking each package’s weight into account when determining U.S. ground shipping costs, but also the size, as well. UPS will adopt the new change on Dec. 29 of this year, while FedEx’s revised shipping policy goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2015.

For the average person on this street, this may not be huge news. But for companies that are shipping countless products to customers and clients on the regular, this so-called “dimensional pricing” is a major shift with the potential to significantly affect bottom lines.

That’s some pretty heavy stuff.

Thankfully, businesses that consider shipping to be a part of their lifelines have some time to plan before changes go into full swing, and there’s no better opportunity than now for them to size up and evaluate their packaging situations.

Need help? We may know someone who is up for the challenge

When you’ve got packaging problems, we’ve got answers: Ernest Packaging Solutions’ team of expert engineers has you covered, all weights, shapes and sizes included.

You see, the Ernest Packaging Solutions team works with clients to create efficient customized packaging solutions – adjusting for elements such as dimensions and weight – to make sure that our customers aren’t spending a single cent more than they need to when getting product from Point A to Point B.

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