Cut Weight With Ernest Packaging Solutions

May 29, 2012

Are you a heavy weight losing money because you don’t optimize packing?

A quick one-day visit with the Ernest Packaging Solutions experts may solve your problems! Just like any athlete in training, your success will take coaching and hard work. It’s time to put on your sweat suit and shave a few more pounds off of your packages!

First things first: Our team will give you an analysis showing exactly where to cut the weight of your shipments. As your personal trainer, we’ll make sure to give you precise instructions on where you need to tone up. This will allow you to ship a higher volume of product and still decrease your overhead.

Don’t be “fuelish.” In case you weren’t already convinced, it’s time to be more efficient. Keep in mind that the price of gas is skyrocketing. Minimize your transportation costs by making shipping weight more efficient so you’ll get to keep all your appendages instead of spending an arm and a leg on fuel.

Your company will be a boxing champion in no time. You’ll be lean and mean, providing strong, high-quality packaging minus the extra “fat.” Whether we create a strategy to reorganize your packages or utilize a different type of material, we’ll lighten your load. Hey, maybe what you need is a little bubble wrap to tighten things up!

Think about it. Why be a heavy weight loser when you can knock out unnecessary packing costs by 15 percent or more? Look to Ernest Packaging Solutions, your go-to logistics coach. We’ll have your freight in tip top shape before you know it! Don’t stay in your corner, take a look at our examples of savings.