Don't Get Wet: Packaging to Keep Your Cargo Dry

July 12, 2016


Sometimes liquid makes things better. Try eating a bowl of Corn Flakes without milk and tell us how that goes, for instance. When it comes to your cargo, however, wetter is never better. The rise of online shopping, subscription boxes, food delivery services and other packaging-driven consumer trends means more boxes on more doorsteps in more types of weather.

And guess what, most carriers say that if you didn’t package it correctly, rain or any other kind of damage is your responsibility.

To help us illustrate this point, we’ve turned to Bored Panda and their collection of cats before and after a bath.

Imagine this is your company’s state-of-the-art surround sound system before and after it is received by the customer.



Or this is little Tommy’s brand new soccer cleats.



And your brand new makeup kit with the latest Spring colors.



Yeah, you’re laughing now, but your customers won’t find it so funny. Nor will the carriers who will likely get just as much, if not more, blame for the damaged products just as they were unfairly blamed for holiday shipment delays in 2013.

Getting cargo from manufacturer to consumer is a team effort. And that’s why you need a teammate who knows how to get the job done the right way every time. Want proof? Check out our Ernest Challenge where President Tim Wilson sees if he can keep steaks dry in shark-infested waters.

So don’t blame the rain when your products get wet. Win against Mother Nature by having a packaging partner who knows how to keep cool (and dry!) under pressure. Contact us today and go with Ernest Packaging Solutions before you getting hung out to dry.