Flexible Packaging for a Flexible World

November 10, 2015

Meet Shemika Charles, the Guinness Book of World Record holder for lowest limbo. How low can she go? Well, if you put two bottles of Coca Cola on the ground and taped a string across them, she could limbo underneath it … with about an inch and a half to spare. Yup, the current record stands at 8.5 inches.

Here you can see her limboing under a car. Yes, C-A-R car!

It’s clear that flexibility is in style these days. It’s big in health (yoga), workspaces and yes, even packaging. A recent post from Packaging Digest outlined the benefits of flexible packaging:

  • shipping friendliness
  • UV protection
  • increased shelf life
  • a way smaller environmental footprint! (seriously, this is a big one)

Oh, and let’s not forget consumer appeal! Earlier this year, Ernest Packaging Solutions’ Innovation Lab created a great flexible packaging solution for Cape Seasonings that really stands up to the competition!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.41.33 PM

The new packaging design never lays down on the job and is always ready to share the brand message.

Flexible packaging is just one piece of our arsenal of packaging supplies we use to craft custom designs for customers around the world. Learn more about our approach to packaging that helps you move your business forward no matter if you’re shipping Jeeps or packages that can fit underneath one. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn more!