Get Me To Happy Hour in Time With These Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

January 24, 2013

Brr. This time of year, it’s hard to imagine, but believe it or not, a problem common to many logistics services is keeping the goods at just the right cold en route. Too cold will damage the goods and too hot will spoil them. en route from Point A to Point B. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, our engineers have done the prep work. Our cold chain logistics management system is streamlined to keep your products at a consistent temperature no matter how far they have to travel.

Picture this. It’s 5 o’clock, and you could really use an after-work cocktail. No matter what time of year it is, you want your drink on the rocks. Stat. Now, wouldn’t ice cubes shaped like the Titanic make that Gin & Tonic take the edge off a little more quickly?


Someone has to ship those ice cubes. At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we have what it takes to ship silly shaped ice cubes, in plenty of time for happy hour! And for our teeth-challenged friends — even if it’s not a drink to kick back after work, we’ve found the perfect ice cubes for your drink.


Dentures are optional and not required to consume this cocktail.