How Much Is That Packaging Worth?

September 03, 2013

Those with even a passing interest in nerd culture know that Star Wars memorabilia is mega-popular among devoted collectors. So popular, in fact, that folks are willing to drop major coin — up to thousands of dollars! — on mint-condition items to add to their collections.

Star Wars toys

What’s particularly interesting to us at Ernest Packaging Solutions, though, is how much the packaging of the collectibles influences how desirable — and therefore, how expensive — they are.

Take, the value of a 1978 Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure. According to one Vintage Star Wars Action Figure Price Guide, some varieties of the action figure are worth a whopping $19,000 — as long as they’re still in mint condition and in the packaging. And without the packaging? The value of the toy can drop down to a measly $25. 🙁

So does this mean the packaging is worth at least as much — or more — than the collectible itself? We think so! Not only does great packaging secure your most precious items, but it also increases consumer demand.

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