How the Right Packing Can Save Lives: The Milk Method

October 05, 2011

Milk does a body good. But getting it to the right location and keeping it fresh can be difficult – especially when you need to ship it more than 8,000 miles away.

International Breast Milk Project and Prolacta Bioscience found that infants who receive breast milk have a 6 times greater chance of survival in the first two months of life.

When the International Breast Milk Project and Prolacta Bioscience teamed up to provide donated breast milk from the United States to children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in Africa, they approached Ernest to find a shipping solution.

To do that, they needed milk to be shipped into a sub-Sahara region. With scorching temperatures, shipping fresh, drinkable milk meant planning and preparation. Most thermally-dependent packaging solutions are ineffective and have serious performance issues over time.

Using TempEndure®, a unique and patented system for developing thermally protected packaging offered exclusively through Ernest Packaging Solutions, we created the proper product protection with custom temperature controlled packaging to ship the milk.

Whether you are shipping food or bio supplies locally or internationally, each shipment has unique complexities depending on truck and flight schedules, time of year, customs, etc.

Ernest engineers and shipping experts take these variables into account and customize a unique solution for each shipping obstacle.

It shows in our results.

Ernest lets you worry about the world by creating solutions for every situation. Let us create a solution for you. Contact our team we’re happy to help!