How To Package Your Next Picnic

June 06, 2013

Memorial Day kicks off the beginning of a season full of outdoor revelry and recreation — including the glorious pastime of the picnic.

While picnics are typically all fun and games, there is nothing that can throw one off like a poorly packed picnic basket, so plan accordingly! Ward off worst-case-scenario, summer-bummer situations with these tips:

  • Play it cool when it comes to perishable items! Any food item that requires refrigeration should be carefully packed in an airtight cooler with lots of ice or ice packs. Keep the cooler closed up tight at all times when you aren’t taking food out or putting it back.
  • Avoid harmful cross-contamination of foods at all costs! If, say, one person is your party is allergic to wheat, but most of the party plans to have sandwiches on whole-wheat bread, pack another cooler altogether for the person afflicted with allergies. This will help to keep him or her from getting sick. The same idea goes for contamination of foods through exposure to raw meat: If, for instance, your group is grilling/picnicking at a lakeside campground, store any burgers or other meats to be grilled in a well-chilled container separate from other items to avoid harmful cross-contamination.
  • To deter pic-a-nic basket thefts by Yogi Bear … well … you’re on your own, here. As long as you don’t turn into a cartoon, you should be good to go.
  • To avoid drinking warm Coke or beer (THE HORROR!) keep your beverages nice ‘n’ cold by stowing them on ice in a cooler.

What other picnic packaging problems have you faced? We’ve got answers for you!

In addition, our packaging expertise goes beyond just picnics! You might say we’re “smarter than the average bear.” 🙂 For more information on our packaging strengths and talents, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today!