Ice Truck: Next-Level Cold Chain Shipping

January 16, 2014

With much of the United States thawing out after a polar vortex, it’s probably a good time to discuss – what else? – cold chain. The extreme cold weather forced people to get innovative to keep out of the elements. From Chicago to Charleston, near-record-low temperatures kept people huddled around their heaters.

In other places, like the home of our friendly neighbors to the north, things were a little bit more “business as usual.”

When a Canadian tire company named, um, Canadian Tire, wanted to test the limits of its batteries by doing the most Canadian thing imaginable, the expert engineers over in the Ernest Innovation Lab took notice. What did Canadian Tire do that was so remarkable? The team built a truck out of more than five tons of ice.

Talk about taking “cold chain” literally. Watch this video to see it in action:

Makes you want an extra large coffee just looking at it. But this kind of creativity just warms our hearts, and we know creativity when we see it. Ernest Packaging Solutions is the expert in customized cold chain logistical needs. We help you get temperature-sensitive products to their destination safely, regardless of ambient temperature.

We love these types of challenges, and if ever Canadian Tire – or anyone for that matter – wants to build a truck out of packaging, we are certainly here and waiting! Just give us a shout!