Ideas for Marketing Micro-Moments with Packaging

January 05, 2016

Micro-moments is a term popularized by Google and, in simple terms (our favorite terms), are defined as the quick moments when a customer discovers, researches or buys something. Imagine your vacuum cleaner goes kaput … how long before you are thinking about buying a new one? Many consumers will be online within seconds to read a couple of reviews, check a few prices and most likely have made a purchase decision based on the information they encountered.

These moments are a vital part of a retail marketer’s sales and branding strategy. Both online and in the store, consumers are getting better at finding what they want and making immediate decisions. So how can you use your packaging to generate micro-moments that are memorable and drive sales when it’s time to buy? Here are a few ideas:

Create with Unboxing Videos in Mind

The first part of any unboxing video is, by its very nature, a box! The first thing a viewer will hear is what it is like to hold, open and unpack the box. This engagement is the first impression both customers and viewers of incredibly popular unboxing videos will have of you. Make it count!

Push Social Sharing

Social sharing is a fantastic generator of micro-moments. Designing packaging that is remarkable and makes a personal connection with consumers that they post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. introduces your brand to a new set of people – who then are more likely to check your brand out.

Embrace the Human Experience

Micro-moments are all the rage in eCommerce, but don’t forget about traditional retail point-of-sale marketing that is still defined best by packaging. The brand, the message and value perception are all micro-moments in the making. So make the most of them, like Poindexter Nut Company’s non-profit donation enabled by on-packaging QR codes.

Every successful micro-moment is made possible by exceeding customer expectations. This means making packaging design a priority and understanding the value it brings. Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions and let us help you create these magic moments for your customers.