International Shipping Routes Are a Road Map to Our Heart

April 24, 2014

Did you know that 165 million metric tons of product arrived at the Port of Los Angeles in 2013? That’s just one port, though it happens to be just around the corner from Ernest Packaging Solutions headquarters. What’s going on in the rest of the world?

Take a look at the map below.

It’s like a Rorschach test for packaging-minded people. Do you see a map of white land areas or black streaks of incredibly complex shipping challenges you just can’t wait to take on because packaging is all you think of day in and day out?!?

You can guess which one of those options the engineering and consultative experts in Ernest’s Innovation Lab see.

Packaging for shipping across oceans is a unique proposition; it can take weeks to get from port to port. A shipment from China in the winter snow could travel south through the tropical Panama canal up to again through a polar vortex to the east coast. Think about what that process would do to food and other perishable items.

And along the way, you could be dealing with any number of natural challenges like drastic temperature changes, salt, storms, waves and the ever-present Megasharks.

And unless it’s new gloves and machinery for the shipyards, chances are the packages journey ain’t over once it hits land. In fact, it’s usually just getting started.

Shipping is what makes the global economy run, and without the right packaging solution, shipping doesn’t work, unless you consider rotten food, ruined medicine, leaky barrels and broken product “working.”

Want to work with a packaging expert that knows international shipping like the back of our hand (smooth yet tough, like a cowboy’s song or Donald Trump’s hair)? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today, and let’s get your international shipping packaging solutions moving forward.