Is It The Size That Counts? When Cost-Cutting Goes Wrong

January 26, 2012

No one wants to hear that their package is too small, especially in the consumer goods market. We all know the story of David and Goliath, but we all know that story because it is the exception to the rule, and most of the time, the Goliath wins the battle.

From a purely shipping and transportation side of the argument, it makes sense to minimize your size. Added weight, bulk and materials all add up to increased expenses. But how small is too small?

When you’re competing for shelf space as well as consumer eyes and attention, you can’t always adhere to the “less is more” philosophy. Sometimes you need to wow them.

Many shoppers are in a hurry and would prefer to spend their time at home with their friends and families, rather than deciding which granola bar to buy while jazz-trio versions of rock songs play over the loudspeaker.

You’ve to get their attention, get your message to them and get in their cart. And when you’re trying to break into a new market, then that first step can make or break your products’ success.

Find the balance between message, marketing and shipping. You need a package design solution that will be successful throughout the entire lifecycle of the package, from line to warehouse to truck to shelf to cart to consumers’ homes.

Cutting costs in one area may negatively affect another.

If you need to reduce costs, Ernest can help find ways that don’t always include shrinking your package. Our Innovation Lab engineers and designers can find solutions that fit just right for you, including shipping containers and pallet design, corrugated shrink wrap, temperature-controlled solutions and many, many more.

Contact us today with your package needs, and we’ll find a solution that works.