Is Your Packaging a Teddy Bear or a Bear Grylls?

January 14, 2014

The recent historic-low temperatures experienced by much of the United States, caused by what we assume is some kind of super villain criminal mastermind from a James Bond movie or something, got us thinking. Thinking about what? Packaging. That’s all we over at Ernest Packaging Solutions think about … haven’t you been paying attention?

Extreme weather wreaks havoc on shipping and transportation. Look at this image of some of the unclaimed and lost luggage at Toronto’s airport following the recent polar vortex.


Now imagine that’s your product in there. After freezing in the belly of a plane at -15 degrees F, it’s now thawing out and just sitting until someone comes to claim it. Can your shipments survive conditions like this in their current packaging?

The truth is, shipping across the country, let alone across the globe, poses unique challenges that many people don’t consider, no matter what season. And it’s the products that pay the price.

“We have seen the damage resulting from poorly packaged products shipped with the wrong type of bubble wrap that have to go over mountainous regions to get to market,” says Ernest Packaging Solutions President and bubble-wrap-popping fiend Tim Wilson. “The altitude crushed the bubble so all the protection was lost in transit and the unfortunately it lead to a gruesome ending.”

Tim knows bubble wrap, check out this Ernest Challenge featuring Tim, an airplane, bubble wrap and Pop Chips.

Likewise, for shipments that need to remain cold, but not frozen, packaging to protect the item across multiple climate zones is a must. Food and medicines can be rendered useless should they freeze in Missouri and thaw in Arizona on their way to their final destination.

If you want your packaging to be a “Bear Grylls” survivorman, able to handle any and all environmental challenges, contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today. We test and retest all of our solutions to make sure we’ve created the best solution. And if you lost your luggage in Toronto last week, well, good luck to you.

If Tim’s willing to sacrifice his body to make sure the packaging is perfect, imagine what Ernest Packaging solutions will do for you!