Keep Valentine's Day Pressure At Bay With Innovative Packaging Solutions

February 14, 2012

Valentines Day background

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the most romantic days of the year, full of hearts, flowers, candies and love — and pressure.

Whether you’re a kid trying to impress a long-time crush or a seasoned Valentine’s Day vet finding a gift for your spouse, it’s got to be perfect. Otherwise, you run the risk of landing in the dog house, big time.

For companies — especially those in the business of sweet treats — the good news is that consumer demand for cookies, cakes and other decadent foods is extremely high. After all, who doesn’t love receiving an expression of love in the form of a decorated cookie on Valentine’s Day?

But unfortunately for those business owners, the Valentine’s Day pressure that consumers shoulder can often have an extreme ripple effect on companies providing tasty goods for Valentine’s Day gifts, as well.

Not only do businesses have to create those perfect sweet treats, but they’ve got to be sure that these goods are protected when shipped to the consumer and arrive in pristine condition on the special day. On a big holiday like Valentine’s Day, their reputation and success is at stake.

That’s a bit of a tall order, but Ernest Packaging Solutions has solutions for you.

With TempEndure technology, your packaging can be turned into a temperature-controlled environment. This protects the integrity of your cakes, candies, or other products for a prolonged period of time, which ultimately saves you money.

And how, exactly, do you save money? TempEndure cuts down on overall packaging costs by cutting materials and, therefore, shipping weight. Additionally, prolonging the time your product keeps allows you to ship items by ground for much cheaper than with the required overnight air you’d use without TempEndure.

Talk about a great solution! With TempEndure, you can keep your Valentine’s customers satisfied and happy.

If you’re interested in exploring possibilities with Ernest Packaging Solutions, contact us. We’ll be sure to provide you with cool solutions that will keep both you and your customers out of the dog house.