Put the FUN in Functional! Creative Packages Shaped Like What They Do

July 25, 2012

Branding your product takes careful consideration. But maybe sometimes we can all use some pointers from Captain Obvious. And, well, there is something to be said about giving a “WOW” factor with your product.

Just like these guys, who package their stores to look like their product.

Ice Cream Shop
Twistee Treat, Florida
Kansas City Library Garage
Kansas City Library Garage

Mental Floss has a list of  other building that are shaped like what they sell. These crafty architects must have taken some tips from the Ernest Packaging Solutions Innovation Lab. You don’t have to be boring with your packaging. Sure, a design on the box can be cool, but the package being the design is even cooler.

We started thinking … retail packaging should follow their lead! Would you be enticed to snag a certain peanut butter brand from the grocery store aisle if the jar was shaped like a PEANUT? Hmm …

Pondering this awesome idea for an ice cream stand got our wheels turning.  Creative packaging solutions that are shaped like their function are nothing new. Think about it. Lemon juice always tastes better when it is in that cute little lemon-shaped container!

Everything in moderation, Ernest Packaging Solutions friends! Somehow, we don’t think people would be excited to drink milk in a carton shaped like udders. Or worse, eat grocery store sushi out of a carton shaped like a fish. Some of us would rather not meet our dinner face-to-face.

Fancy-shmancy packaging has long been an Ernest Packaging Solutions form of art. Move over, Picasso.  We boast a creative line of packaging that is also functional. And that’s a dynamic duo! So if you’re ever looking for someone to make a ketchup bottle shaped like a tomato, WE’RE YOUR GUYS AND GALS!!