Record Store Day: What the Vinyl Revival Teaches Us about Packaging

April 16, 2015

This Saturday is Record Store Day, and it’s sure to be bigger than ever. If you think that vinyl is just a forgotten relic of the Woodstock generation, we’re about to make your head — and your records — spin.

Vinyl record sales hit a (pun completely intended) record high in 2014. In the era of Spotify and Rdio, many music fans are gravitating toward the charm and intimacy of physical vinyl albums. These record buyers are young — with 72% of them being under the age of 35.

So why is vinyl back, and what does it teach us about packaging?

Never Underestimate Nostalgia

Sentimentality is a powerful force. One reason that people like vinyl is because it connects them to a different time and place. For many people, it reminds them of how they listened to music as kids, or it remind them of their parents or grandparents. It’s not just music; it’s a time machine.

Similarly, the last few years have seen a surge in throwback packaging. Brands like Kellogg’s, Pepsi and Miller Lite have brought back their old packaging. Nostalgia-based packaging can resonate with people in an emotional way.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.03.31 PMPhysical Experiences Matter in a Digital Age

In a time when people live on their phones and things live in the cloud, it’s easy to discount the value of tactile goods. The vinyl revival shows that people still want something that they can touch, smell and experience. Digital music is convenient, but it’s charmless. Vinyl is something more.

How does your packaging improve someone’s experience with a product? How does it feel in their hands? Packaging is what turns vinyl into a real experience, and it can do the same thing for other products. Check out our white paper about how Ernest is helping B2B companies maximize the branding opportunities of packaging.

Visit your local record store this weekend, and pick up some new tunes to spin. Then contact us about how we can turn your packaging into something worth singing about.