Spotlight on Michigan State University's School of Packaging

January 24, 2012

Here at Ernest, we appreciate innovation and advances–especially those spiked with plenty of personality–in the packaging industry. And because of that appreciation, we’re sure not to overlook the great ideas and creativity generated by up-and-comers in the field

After all, those young, fresh faces represent the future of packaging.

That’s why we’d like to put a spotlight on the big, bad O.G. in packaging education: Michigan State University’s School of Packaging. MSU’s school was the first and is largest in the U.S.

It was founded in 1952 and has since expanded the program’s offerings and opportunities significantly, all while conducting countless research projects, upgrading facilities and resources, supporting faculty members in textbook-writing endeavors, and much, much more. Hey, that’s a lot!

To learn more, check out this video featuring students from the legendary MSU.

The young folks enrolled in Michigan State University’s world-class packaging school are making such waves in the industry, in fact, that not so long ago, the History Channel’s Modern Marvels visited the school to get the low-down on what students were getting up to and then shared the report with the world.

Curious? Check out the snippet below.

To date, the School of Packaging has awarded about 7,000 degrees, and more than half of all packaging graduates employed in the U.S. got their degrees from MSU. Currently, the school has roughly 500 undergrad students, 70 Master’s students and 30 Ph.D. students.

There are also other fantastic packaging schools in the US that we will be profiling the future. Tomorrows packaging leaders are learning their trade in these schools today and the future looks bright.