Testing Packages? We Do That (And Love It)

May 08, 2012

Remember the last day of school? It was always exciting because you knew that for the next few months you weren’t going to be tested on anything. No more studying or stressing out about how you’ll perform; instead, you can focus on doing the things you love.

If you were in elementary school, those things were probably swimming and riding your bike, and if you were in high school or college, well, they were probably things better left off of this blog. We’re professionals after all.

But some people couldn’t wait for school to start and get back to testing. We called them “nerds” or “dorks” back then. Today we call them Ernest Packaging Solutions experts.

No, we’re not testing on the Pythagorean theorem or who the 21st president was. Instead we’re testing and retesting our shipping products every day. Then when we’re done, we’ll test them again.

We do this because we know that when you use one of our proprietary or customized packaging solutions, you’re getting a package that we know will perform because we’ve put it through the grinder and it’s come out shining on the other side.

We do packaging, and we do it well. And when we’re the ones doing the testing, that still frees you up to do what you love. And since we’re all a little older than when Summer Break actually meant something, that stuff we love probably involves Law and Order reruns and a glass of wine.

But who are we to judge?