The Four "Be"s of E-commerce Packaging

November 08, 2016


E-commerce is growing—still. In 2015 e-com accounted for over $314 billion in sales, which accounts for one-third of total retail sales growth. The number is even higher when you take out things like fuel and automobile purchases that are not typically purchased online (and account for a good portion of total retail numbers).

As consumers move their shopping online, the e-commerce battle for brand positioning is taking center stage. B2C and B2B alike are vying for customers who are now competing against the entire world (literally!) and not just in the shopping aisle. As a result, package design is undergoing a massive change. No longer bound by the brick-and-mortar experience, packaging for e-com is designed to be shipped directly to the consumer—in good condition and to create a memorable experience.

And good experiences win the day! That is why we say “No More Brown Box” when it comes to branding your packaging and home or office deliveries. Instead, here are four things your packaging should be.

Be Bold

The package sitting on a customer’s front porch may be the first physical interaction between the buyer and the brand. Retail packaging’s focus is on brand recognition and point-of-sale messaging. The e-com package is all about customer experience. The sale is made, the product has arrived. Now what? A custom package design is what you need to create a memorable experience.

Be Simple

Frustration-free and low-waste packaging are two things customers look for. No one likes to wrestle with packaging, and over packaging is both a sustainable no-no and creates a disposal headache. Simplify your box in every way, and your customers will thank you for it. See what we mean by simple (but effective) with our Snack Nation package design.

Be Innovative

We all have an idea of, say, what a laundry detergent bottle looks like or how a shoebox is shaped. Those designs didn’t happen by accident. The dimensions and design are all met to conform to retail needs. Those containers were created to sit on the shelf of a retail store. With e-com, you can be as creative and innovative as you want.

Be What You Promised To Be

There remains an amount of risk involved in purchasing online. Unless you have bought from the company before, you really don’t know what to expect other than what was conveyed online either via your website or a third-party like Amazon or Ebay. The packaging experience is an extension of your brand and can either disappoint or delight.

Follow these rules and you’re well on your way to crafting a package experience that is memorable and creates a connection with your customers. Need a little more help? Ernest Packaging Solutions’ team of designers and material experts are here for you! Call us today and “BE” on a road to better packaging tomorrow!