The Logistics of the Sochi Olympics

February 06, 2014

With just a day until the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, things are no doubt moving at a frantic pace 7,000 miles away. Over here at the Ernest Packaging Solutions offices, we’re watching these masters get ready for the big stage and imagining taking home the gold and the glory.

No, we’re not talking about the sporting events. We’re talking about the shipping and packaging challenges of transporting all those people and all that stuff.

The logistics of moving hundred of athletes from 88 countries along with their gear, as well as tourists, media and sports fans into a city the size of Tulsa … well, it’s something that has probably kept a few people up all night.

Endure the pre-roll ad and watch this behind-the-scenes video on what it took NBC to get up and running for the Beijing Olympics, you’ll be glad you did. They moved an entire production studio capable of handing 80 live feeds from the events simultaneously, so they could use it for less than a month.

Think about it: For every gold medal that gets handed out and every flag that gets raised, there were countless people involved in shipping camera equipment, lights, training gear, shoes, helmets, skis, hats, microphones, food, drinks and even the medals themselves. If you think about packaging all day, every day (and frankly, who doesn’t?!) it’s sort of like the perfect storm of logistics.

Ernest Packaging Solutions knows how to play on the big stage, providing shipping supply items to companies likes FedEx and UPS. We make the packaging, they ship the goods. It’s a gold-medal match.

No matter if you are shipping a high-speed HD camera to catch the finish line of a speed skating medal race or boxes of memorabilia for tourists to take home, Ernest Packaging Solutions’ consultants can create a customized package for your needs.

Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to learn how we can handle any logistical challenge, large or small. And we’ll see you in the winner’s circle.