The One Rule For Hiring a Logistics Consultant

September 27, 2011

The simple rule in consulting: You should save more than you pay

There, that’s it. The end.

Well actually that is the goal but not the solution and it sounds easier than it is. When you’ve been called on to find ways to reduce costs in the company shipping process there are always low-hanging fruit that can be easily seen and addressed.

But what about the following year when further cuts are needed? Or what if the materials reductions are so great you worry about the integrity of the shipment?

Experienced outside consultants may be able to find areas in process, materials or technology to reduce costs and drive profitability while still safely delivering a quality product.

We don’t look good unless you make more money
At Ernest, our business is your performance. When your shipping process is speedy, efficient and cost-effective, we all look good. The Ernest Consulting Team and the rest of the Ernest family brings top engineers, designers and more to help you strike the balance between providing exceptional quality at the lowest possible cost-and highest profitability.

Real world example: Regis Corporation
When beauty industry giant Regis Corporation brought on Ernest to help reduce costs in their supply chain, they tapped the Ernest Consulting Team.

Ernest experts reviewed Regis Corporation’s process, materials and technology – digging deep, asking questions, and looking at every possible angle.

The Consulting Team found big savings in the inner-cushioning material that was switched from a polyurethane base to a paper base – providing more protection, increased sustainability, and yielding a 30% cost savings, which went straight to the Regis bottom line.

Down the rabbit hole
Returns will be decided by how deep the consultants go searching for savings instead of how quickly they can move you through the process. Bringing in more sharp, experienced minds dedicated to quality is just a no-brainer. To learn more contact our team today.