The Three Most Intensely Protected Products in America

March 11, 2014

Maybe you heard about the remains of Alfred the Great, former King of England (and part-time Viking destroyer), and how they were found in a cardboard box after being mistakenly identified as an animal’s bone. We all know the guy was a beast, but he was still human.

It was initially the cardboard part of this story that appealed to all of us over at Ernest’s Innovation Lab, but it turns out it’s unusual for cultural artifacts and priceless treasures of our past to be unceremoniously thrown into corrugated containers.

What really appeals to us is the insane levels people have gone to protect irreplaceable items. Protecting products is what we do – and do quite well, I might add – so that got us thinking about some of the most-protected products in America, and here they are:

The Declaration of Independence

It’s amazing to think that there wasn’t a proper preservation plan for the Declaration of Independence until 1951, when someone realized that this paper was almost 200 years old and probably needed a safe home. After being enclosed in a bronze case with bulletproof glass for the next 50 years or so, it now is in an argon-gas-filled titanium box where they monitor deterioration of the document with the same cameras developed for the Hubble telescope!

Granite Mt. Mormon Church Records Facility

Opened in 1965 in Utah, this historical preservation center is cut 600 feet into a mountain and has some of the most sophisticated air-monitoring systems in America. It even has loading docks and laboratories for preserving documents and microfilm.

Coca-Cola Recipe

Coca-Cola has never patented its recipe for the most popular drink brand in the world. Why? Because they’d have to share their secret. Today, the recipe is written down and kept in a part-museum-installation, part-high-tech-security-lockdown vault in Atlanta. Watch this video to see how they protect their precious piece of paper.

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