Throwback: How to Pack Your Christmas Decorations

December 30, 2014


Now that Christmas is over, it’s sadly time to put away the decorations until next year. So today we’re throwing back to a post that we originally ran last year on Christmas Eve about efficient ways to pack and store your decorations.

Tomorrow, all across America, people will be tearing open presents under a towering evergreen shimmering and twinkling with light, and all will be right with the world.

Then on Thursday, you’re going to have to start thinking about taking that bad boy down and storing it until next year because, let’s face it, no one wants to be the last person to take down their holiday decorations.

But you don’t have to shove your festive decorations into a box and just hope they’re all in one piece next year. Take pride in your packaging skill; we do, and that’s why we are presenting tips from Ernest Packaging Solutions’ president, Tim Wilson, on packing your decorations the right way.


TIM SAYS: Save the original boxes, or if not, use egg cartons.

Usually the best packaging for your ornaments is the box and carriers they came in. However, if you don’t have those, consider using egg cartons. They stack nicely and are designed to protect other fragile cylindrical objects.

If your ornaments are oddly shaped or too large to fit in an egg carton, wrap in tissue paper and then a layer of bubble wrap, and place in small boxes with other fragile ornaments.


TIM SAYS:You don’t want to unbox a Gordian knot of lights next year, so take time to wrap them up right this year. Take a piece of corrugated and put a slit on either end. Wrap the lights, using the slits as holders so they don’t unwind and fuse together with other strands during their “off-season.”

Fake Tree

TIM SAYS: Why the tree never quite fits back in the box as it did the day it was brought home is a question for the ages. That’s why you should get a Christmas tree storage bag made of a tough fabric. Keep your “tree” stored in a dry place, avoiding extreme heat or cold.

Odds and Ends

TIM SAYS: Big plastic tubes can be your friend, but only if you store similar items and put labels on them. Garland, wreaths, wrapping paper, dinner plates and ceramic reindeer are only good if you can find them next year.

After the presents have been opened, the egg nog has long since disappeared and you’re struggling to take down your decorations, be happy you have a partner like Ernest Packaging Solutions to handle your packaging the rest of the year.

Not taking advantage of our expertise yet? Contact us today to get started!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Ernest Packaging Solutions.