Throwback Thursday: Let the Good Food Roll This Thanksgiving

November 15, 2018

Thanksgiving Meal

We’re so thankful for this Thanksgiving blog that we’re bringing out the leftovers! The big day is next week, and we can’t stop thinking about how we’re going to package up all those future meals — once we’re done with seconds. And thirds. And fourths, and…


We hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving holiday — or as we like to call it, Round 1 of the Holiday Food Showdown. From the looks of satisfaction around the Ernest Packaging Solutions offices, it feels like we’re all off to a great start.

The hot topic around our Innovation Lab is, of course, how we stored our leftovers. What can we say? We just can’t stop thinking about this stuff. Packaging is our business and business is good, so we’re sharing our tips on how to package your food for maximum freshness!

1. Get More Packaging Options

You need plastic freezer bags large and small, plastic containers in various sizes and a variety of wraps and foils to make sure your food stays fresh. The right solution for the right challenge, that’s our motto – well, that and “Never get between our President Tim Wilson and the mashed potatoes.”

2. Plan Ahead

Make room in your refrigerator for your leftovers before you find yourself with a pile of food that needs to be stored and nowhere to put it. So move out of the way, two-year-old mustard. It’s turkey time!

3. Package Smarter

Labels are your friends – don’t just label what the contents are, but when they were stored. Typically, you’ll want to freeze anything that you won’t use within three or four days.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we know that maintaining the freshness of your product is vital. If you have a freshness challenge with your products, contact us today and see how we can create a custom solution that’s perfect for you… right after we get these cranberry stains out of the carpet.