Toy Packaging Doesn't Have To Be A Pain

December 20, 2012

OK, so we all know the old cliché about how the worst part of Christmas morning is watching a child (or adult!) struggling with impossible-to-open toy packaging. Finally you give up and wonder why they don’t attach directions on how to open toys and why they are more difficult to crack than a bank safe in the first place!

That’s why we’re excited to share with you this video that PROVES that there is some really great, functional toy packaging out there — and it’s easy to open!

Check it out:

Kudos to Mattel! This awesomely innovative packaging — and the great, quirky way you’ve presented it in the video — gives all of us in the packaging industry something to strive for!

To the rest of you toy manufacturers, from South America to the North Pole, get your act together and help kids enjoy their holiday gifts a lot faster and with fewer Band-Aids.