Underwater Museum: Cool or a Lesson About Water-Resistant Packaging?

April 15, 2014

Ten thousand years from now when future archaeologists, aliens or cyborg-James Cameron searches the earth for lessons from the past, they may be a little confused by this …

These are images from an underwater “museum” created by Jason deCaires Taylor. Sculpture galleries for divers to explore and say “This is art?” through their breathing tubes is a fun way for an artist to express himself, but also sounds like a packaging challenge.

Water-resistant packaging solutions is not Packaging 101 (that’s Keeping “This End Up” Up). This packaging is scientific stuff, the kind you need to have an advanced degree in your corner to not end up with soggy product and angry customer.

But it’s not about can you do it,  it’s about how well you can do it, how light on packaging products you are and how cost-effective the overall process is. Anyone can keep water out, but can they lower process cost, create sustainable solutions and have fun while doing it?

Don’t let your precious product get wet and drown forever next to these pieces of art. Ernest engineers make water-resistant packaging that could withstand a hurricane or a bout with a great white shark, and we can handle whatever you, or Mother Nature, can throw at us.

Don’t let your precious product turn into its own version of an underwater museum due to faulty packaging. Ernest Packaging Solutions is here for you; contact us today to get started and stop drowning in ineffective packaging.