With Cold Chain Logistics It's Not a Small World, After All

September 29, 2011

Like an old pair pants during the holidays the business world seems to be getting smaller every day.

Business is done across state lines, national borders and oceans with increasing ease – the reality is the distance between physical locations always remains the same.


TempEndure Master Shippers

Drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 1950 or 2050 and the distance is still 382 miles – and no amount of email, conference calls or web meetings will change that.

While the “virtual” world is getting smaller, warehouse and distribution managers work in the real world and fight transportation costs increases and threaten their profits.

The eternal struggle: reduce costs but maintain quality
It takes thousands of perfect, efficient, on-time deliveries to create a reputation but only one mis-step to ruin it. No where is this more evident than with cold chain logistics. Food, BioScience and Pharma companies with unstable or unsafe shipping methods will be out of business quickly.

To remain profitable you need to save money on shipping and packaging costs while maximizing your shipping reach and maintaining integrity.

TempEndure®: Guarantee control, reduce waste, reduce costs
At Ernest Packaging we have addressed these challenges with our team of expert engineers and created TempEndure®, which provides guaranteed temperature control across the shipping cycle.

TempEndure® customization reduces the size and weight of your shipments and many components can be used across multiple shipping cycles.

It may not be such a small world after all, but with our help, you can find big cost savings between point a and point b. Learn more about Ernest’s world-class packaging and logistics consulting services.