Your Mother’s Day Success is Riding on Cold-Chain Logistics

May 08, 2014

You haven’t forgotten it is Mother’s Day this Sunday, have you? If so, you could do the old faithful routine of simply taking Mom out to dinner on her special day. You’d be in good company: After all, about one in four Americans will celebrate Mother’s Day by dining out.

This is what is referred to in the restaurant industry as a “HOLY CRAP!” moment for everyone from wait staff to line cooks to store managers.

How do restaurants handle this motherly migration to their establishments? Hopefully not by resorting to Gordon Ramsay levels of insanity …

… and hopefully with good cold-chain logistics.

While Ernest Packaging Solutions can’t help you get out of an angry British chef’s fury-cane, our expert engineers can help you get your seafood to Iowa, your cheese to Arizona and your veggies to Texas (where they can laugh at them while tucking into another filet).

We can do all this because we know cold-chain logistics for the food industry better than anyone out there. How do we know? Because we have some of the smartest people in the business in our Innovation Lab, and because we test and retest every solution before it hits the road.

From our range of refrigerants and insulators, to outer and inner protection from temperature changes, we make a chilly and comfortable environment for your perishables, meaning mama is happy. See how we’ve worked with one customer to keep their baked goods at the temperature they need to be with our TempEndure solution.

With cold-chain packaging solutions, you need to know your product is safe. You can’t lose entire shipments because the packaging wasn’t up to the challenge. Rest easy this Mother’s Day by having our experts in your corner – contact Ernest Packaging Solutions to get a packaging partner that you’d be proud to bring home to Mom.