2012's Top 10 Posts from The Ernest Buzz!

January 08, 2013


2012 was a big year for Ernest Packaging Solutions: awards, adding Welsh Packaging Solutions to the Ernest Family of Companies and Wagner Packaging Solutions celebrating their 100th birthday. There were plenty of challenges and successful packaging for our clients.

Through it all, we managed to keep up with The Ernest Buzz, giving you wacky ways people are rethinking packaging and innovation around the world. Here are our favorite posts from 2012, the ones that made us laugh the most and enjoy being in the packaging industry, These are 10 good reasons you should keep coming back to visit us in 2013.

10) Vroom Vroom! Rev Your Engines For The World’s Smallest Car
Finding ways to pack the most into a small package is one of our specialities, but this tiny car may give us a run for our money in the maximizing-your-miniature-spaces category.

9) Your Customers’ Beef With Generic Products: How to Package Them to Please
WTF? Where’s the beef?

8) Repackaging WILD ANIMALS! The Human Zoo
Could you stand being this close to hungry lions in the flipped-zoo experience?

7) Portrait Project Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today
In some countries, this guy would be classified with a mental disorder. At Ernest Packaging, we give him high fives.

6) Put the FUN in Functional! Creative Packages Shaped Like What They Do
Sometimes a lack of imagination is the best way to spread your message.

5) A New Ernest Challenge: Shielding Steaks From Starving Sharks
We celebrated Shark Week 2012 by putting Ernest President Tim Wilson in the water with the world’s most terrifying predator. Well, it’s just a cartoon, but we’re totally sure Tim would be up for the real thing.

4) Awesome Everyday Uses For Extra Cardboard
Cutting down on waste while making your daily life more efficient? Sure!

3) Pizza Gets “Repackaged” — With Infinitely More Cheeseburgers
Stuffed crust is so 2011, we want — nay, DEMAND — cheeseburger crust. Take the boring, and make it better!

2) Our Team Is Better Than Your Team: Ernest Packaging Solutions Takes Home Best In Show
Oh, this? We just won a Best In Show Addy, no big deal.

1) Corrugated Gets Quirky
This post includes a video of Caine’s Arcade, one of the most popular (and uplifting) viral videos of the year. All made possible with cardboard.