4 Packaging World Records

June 03, 2014


Over here in the Ernest Innovation Lab, we know we’re pretty much the greatest collection of packaging experts ever assembled. We’re kind of like the Avengers but with better teamwork and fewer Hulk Smash-ings, which is probably a good thing for our protective packaging.

But every day there are people out there who are trying to match our level of packaging excellence, and they’re enlisting a 60-year-old bar-argument-settling book to help them. If you thought that The Guinness World Records people were only concerned with really important things like the tallest man alive, the human calculator or dogs with the most tennis balls in their mouth, well, then you don’t know the Guinness people.

There is a long and proud tradition of packaging and packaging product-related world records in the Guinness pages. While Ernest Packaging Solutions is more focused on delivering excellent service and innovation to our customers than breaking records, we should honor these efforts to up the packaging industry.

Largest Corrugated Cardboard Box

In 2009, textbook company Chegg.com created a massive corrugated box that was over 46 feet long, 20 feet wide and 9 feet tall, for a total area of 236.8 cubic meters.

Largest Tape Ball

The Portland Promise Center created a 2,000-pound ball of tape that was a record breaker. The ball had a nearly 13-foot diameter and used multiple tapes including duct, athletic and packing tape.

Fastest Loading and Unloading From a Truck

It’s all about speed when it comes to packing and unpacking logistics, so hopefully employees from a Turkish courier company got an extended lunch break after they unloaded a truck in 16 minutes and 38 seconds.

Most People Popping Bubble Wrap

The Bramley Church of England Primary School had 532 (presumably very entertained) children and staff popping bubble wrap at the same time in March of this year. That’s a very satisfying record.

Those are interesting feats of packaging, but let’s see how your normal company would stand up against a Sumo Wrestler or a Shark. Now those are some real challenges. Want to work with a team that knows how to move your packaging forward and not just pop bubble wrap all day? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to get started.