5 Minutes of Fame: Ernest Packaging Solutions’ General Manager Kenny Briggs

June 25, 2013

When it comes to our personnel at Ernest Packaging Solutions, we swing for the fences.

That’s why we hire and promote people like Kenny Briggs, a former professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners’ minor league team, and new general manager of the Los Angeles Division.

A former sales representative for Ernest in the 1980s, Kenny brings to the table deep knowledge of the packaging industry and an abiding appreciation of corrugated boxes.

After a brief stint at a startup during the Dotcom era, Kenny went to Amcor where he excelled — but he came back home to Ernest!

After finishing up your stint in pro sports, how did you land in the packaging industry?
The packaging industry was my second job. I was working in the sporting goods industry and knew I needed to get into something else, but didn’t know what.

By pure chance, I had an opportunity to interview with Ernest. Within 30 to 60 days, I realized I had landed a great job—a job that could be my last job.

What lessons did you learn working at a startup that still stick with you?
The startup I was a part of was based on taking relationships out of the packaging process. The packaging industry is built on relationships so, naturally, the startup was bound to fail. Now that I’m a GM, I focus more on building relationships.

What sets Ernest apart from its competitors?
We have senior consultants who are subject matter experts. Our competitors don’t offer that service. And we’re so far ahead in social media and technology platforms in our industry that I don’t think anyone can ever catch up.

What are your weaknesses?
Ice cream. All kinds. If it’s in the freezer, I have to eat the whole thing. That’s my kryptonite. I’m also severely impatient.

We are so excited to welcome Kenny back to our family, and not only for his business acumen…something tells us our odds of recruiting a company softball team just went through the roof!

Hiring general managers like Kenny Briggs is just another example of how Ernest Packaging Solutions is moving packaging forward.