December 30, 2020


Whenever we hear the Depression-era phrase “Brother, can you spare a dime?” we always think of a Depression-era mother — a remarkable young woman named Minnie. In those dark days Minnie raised two boys on her own, and on whatever she could scrape together, which never was very much. But as challenging as life was on the inside of Minnie’s house, she knew that life outside, for many, was far worse.

So while her boys Chuck and Ernie had to wait for their birthdays to get an extra nickel so they could order the bigger burger, Minnie always found room in her budget to help those in need, because there was always room in her heart. The sight of her regularly handing out dimes (a significant amount, in those days) to strangers in need left a mark on Chuck and Ernie and set an example for giving that still exists in the company they would eventually start up together, Ernest Packaging Solutions.

It is in that spirit that we hold our annual Givember event — a time to get together with the community, pick a worthy cause and do our little part to help those who simply don’t have the bare necessities, like a blanket to keep warm. So where did we start? Every single division at Ernest, that’s where. From the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast Atlantic. And we’re proud to say we beat our blanket goal by over 1,000, totaling 4,033 blankets. Check out the breakdown, below:


456 blankets for Share Vancouver.


93 blankets Boise Rescue Mission Ministries.

Las Vegas.

323 blankets for St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.


323 blankets for Project Homeless Connect by St. Vincent’s.

Salt Lake City.

129 blankets for the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City.


325 blankets for the Phoenix Rescue Mission.


250 blanket for the Union Gospel Mission.


668 blankets for the Fresno Mission.

Los Angeles.

843 blankets for Olive Crest.

San Diego.

235 blankets for the Brother Benno Foundation.


122 blankets for Star of Hope.


266 blankets for Healing Transitions.

On top of the sheer numbers, we’d like to include some kinds words we received from one of our longstanding LA-based clients, Ace Paper.

“It was my pleasure. I value our partnership and our friendship that spans over seven decades and multiple generations.” Jeff Kaplowitz, Vice President, Ace Paper.

We couldn’t agree with him more. For all of you who already gave your part in keeping our community a little more comfortable this year, it warms our hearts. We send you a HUGE Ernest thank you and wish you all the happiest of holidays. If you’d like to donate this holiday season, we invite you to click on your local charity above.