October 18, 2022


Ask any random business to describe their packaging company partnership; they might say disconnected and a bit confusing.

At Ernest, we’ve proven it doesn’t have to be that way. We know building relationships is key, and cooperation is essential every step of the way. Truly caring about clients’ needs is the only way to operate in today’s marketplace.

Relationship rooted.

Our success can’t exist without our clients. It’s no wonder we put our relationship with them as our top priority. It’s what has allowed us to expand over the years to now serve 13 divisions with a client tenure average of 25 whopping years.

A decade in cahoots. 

Ernest and CFI have had a successful relationship and partnership for over 10 long years. That’s 9.8 years longer than most celebrity marriages! Honesty and transparency are what we both attribute to our ability to tackle challenges together.

Recently, we collaborated to create a new temperature control solution. A new TempEndure® wrap coating that worked like an optical lens to block all visible light and the majority of near-infrared light. It also served as a vapor barrier to retain the moisture of the perishables and reduce shrinkage. And last but certainly not least, it was wholly recyclable. Good for the planet and pockets.

All clients. Same focus. 

Ernest has many close partnerships with clients across the globe. But we approach each relationship the same. To use collaboration and respect to help solve unexpected challenges using smart solutions.

For our client, Carolina Coops, who we have partnered with for x years, we’re developing an efficient box format that will effectively protect their product without increasing the dimensional weight.

For our client Sol-TI, who we have partnered with for x years, we found cold chain solutions can help reduce their freight costs while minimizing their environmental impact with reusable packaging.

The challenges Ernest is tasked with solving are as complex and diverse as the clients themselves and can only be accomplished through the strength of relationships.

Start your relationship with Ernest today by contacting us.