November 10, 2022

It all started with the Strat.

A few years ago, the start of something awesome began to take shape. Literally. Dave Lee and Marc Wierenga from Signal Snowboards came to Ernest with an idea. They wanted to make a cardboard Strat guitar for the upcoming National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) event. But not just any guitar, one that would live up to the Fender name. The guitar wasn’t just for show. It was for a show and their friend Brad. As in Brad Delson from Linkin Park.

The guitar turned out to be a true success and the first instrument used in Cardboard Sessions with some of the biggest names in music. A huge hit, but only the beginning of the Fender feat.

The bass was born. 

Following the five-star performance from both the cardboard guitar and drum set, the team wanted to round out the band with a badass bass. Ernest’s design director, Mike Martinez, partnered with Dave Lee once more to craft the bass’s body with a corrugated structure. The pair then took the groovy structure (pun intended) to Fender, where Paul Waller, Master Builder, sculpted, sanded, and musically constructed the bass.

The ultimate combination of talent and teamwork hit another home run. And a true testament to Ernest’s ability to take an idea and bring it to fruition. Now, that’s pretty rockstar.

All about the Bass. 

Tested. Approved. And ready to rock. The cardboard Fender Bass has been played by some of the top Bassists across musical genres and will continue to be featured in the monthly Cardboard Sessions series. The bass has quickly become a fan favorite and an exceptional example of how we continue to take packaging to the next level and push innovation forward.

Limitless Cardboard 

Crafting musical instruments out of cardboard isn’t the only way Ernest brings its A game. A cardboard surfboard was one of the first and most memorable creations we tackled. We’re no stranger to innovation. We have a long history of crafting bespoke solutions. Just ask our clients.

The bass guitar is the latest, among the greatest, and certainly not the last. What’s next? We can’t wait to share. In the meantime, check out our latest Cardboard Chaos creativity, here.