June 21, 2022



Welcome back to Cardboard Sessions. A place where innovation meets rock’n’roll. The results? One-of-a-kind tracks by talented musicians.

Cardboard Sessions came to life by drawing inspiration from MTV Unplugged and NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts. Then, thanks to our partnership with Signal Snowboards, we introduced professional artists to our cardboard Fender Stratocaster and paper drum kit. The space is intimate, but the music is larger than life. World-renowned musicians feeding off each other’s energy and jamming out for hours.

Episode 4 introduces listeners to three (yep, you read that right) musicians: Dale Crover, Otis B and Sarah Linton. Get ready for more riffs you won’t hear anywhere else.


Our newest episode goes heavy with grunge. We invited talented guitarist Otis Barthoulameu, aka O, to shred our paper Fender Stratocaster and the one and only Dale Crover to jam out on our cardboard drums. And we can’t forget about bassist Sarah Linton of Harshmellow.

O lives and breathes music. He plays guitar and is the lead vocalist for the grunge band, Fluf, which formed in the early 90s. He started another band called Harshmellow a few years ago. But his passion for music goes further than that. O is also a professional photographer for musicians and skateboards. So, when he’s not jamming out himself, you can find him snapping photos at concerts, studios and skateparks.

On drums, we have the legendary Dale Crover. He’s best known as the drummer for Melvins, but he’s played with a number of bands, including Men of Porn, Shrinebuilder, Crystal Fairy and even a brief stint with Nirvana (fun fact: he was childhood friends with Kurt Cobain). While Dale wasn’t playing with Nirvana when they were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014, Dale’s successor, Dave Grohl, singled out his work for the band in his acceptance speech.

You’ll hear a new sound this episode with the amazing Sarah Linton jamming out on bass. She’s the bassist for O’s band, Harshmellow. Her energy is the perfect addition to the sessions. Like O, she’s more than just a musician. Sarah is a talented photographer AND she studied music psychology. Aka, she’s a triple threat.

With these pros on our corrugated instruments, the music doesn’t stop. It’s unfiltered. It’s fresh. It’s electric. And it’s something you won’t want to miss.


Our cardboard instruments have been in the hands of world-renowned musicians and have never missed a beat, because of the incredible work of our Senior Design Specialists. They’re the innovation behind the cardboard. They put their expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and technology to create our corrugated guitar, drums and a whole bunch of other impossible cardboard creations.

Now that you know the team behind these original instruments, it’s time to jam out to this original music. The kind of groundbreaking and revolutionary tracks you’ll only hear on SoundCloud. Make sure to subscribe to our page so you don’t miss any of our episodes.