Check Out This Big (Shoe)Box Store

February 28, 2017


We’ve all heard of big box stores (and their pending doom), but have you heard about shoebox stores? That is exactly what athletic apparel maker, Adidas, created across Europe. From Amsterdam to London, Adidas took its classic shoebox packaging and made it bigger. A lot bigger.



From pop up bars to pop up art installations, everything is temporary these days—and that makes sense. With easy to use materials like corrugated cardboard and adhesives, it doesn’t cost a fortune to create something. When those products are put to good use, they can be quite durable as we found out in our Cardboard Chaos series.

Iconic Packaging Becomes the Experience

These buildings, however, are something else entirely. They are taking classic and memorable package design and turning them into the shopping experience in an entirely new way.

“We can’t stress enough how important the packaging experience is to today’s consumers,” says Ernest Packaging Solutions President, Tim Wilson. “It’s not about getting a product, it’s about having an experience—a good one! Delivering on a brand promise, even after the sale is made, is where you get real marketing bang for your buck these days.”

Why else would Adidas and other companies (like Tiffany’s) create a full-size experience with their packaging if they haven’t seen the value of a cohesive, consistent and quality package design in the first place? Your packaging is an extension of your brand, and you can either add or subtract brand value with how consumers interact with it.

If you’re packaging has some big shoes to fill, you know who to call. Ernest Packaging Solutions is here to help you stomp out the competition with custom designed packaging. Contact us today to start finding ways to make your packaging something you want to show the world.