Choosing a Packaging Partner Is Like Choosing a Pair of Jeans

March 29, 2016


Finding the perfect pair of jeans is cause for celebration. Sure there are lots of jeans out there, but there is only one pair that fits you best. Leave the inferior denim for other people. Of course, what fits you best may not be “perfect” for the next person—the market is full of varying “perfect” jeans.

Take, for instance, this amazing video from Canon in which six Australian photographers are all asked to shoot a portrait of the same man. Only they are all told a different story about who he is: a millionaire, an ex-convict, a fisherman, etc.

One man. One camera. Six stories. Six very different outcomes.



How Packaging Tells a Story

So here’s what many packaging companies won’t tell you (but over here, we’re all about honesty): The thing about packaging design is that everyone is pretty much using the same materials. Stock RSC’s, standard test boxes, inner packaging filler, standard tape to close and stretch film to secure—and they create boredom, yawn stuff.

Boring isn’t our style—not in how we tackle each packaging challenge and not in how we push innovative material use. Making you feel comfortable and stylish with your packaging is what we do best. Just look at what we were able to do with Ton Savon, Poindexter Nuts and Snack Nation! Different stories, different materials, great results.

We take common materials and make extraordinary creations (like cardboard Fender Stratocasters). Isn’t that the distinguished innovation you’re looking for in a packaging partner? Contact Ernest Packaging Solutions today to see how we can move consumers with your packaging.