Color Us Impressed With Packaging Psychology

June 05, 2018


They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s a different story when it comes to packaging. There are a lot of factors that influence why we make purchases, but 93% of shoppers admit that visual appearance and color place above other factors when they add an item to their shopping cart. Since packaging color is a primary factor for many shoppers, today we’re diving into the three primary colors and their effect on your packaging!


coca cola

Photo courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

The main feelings associated with red are passion, energy and boldness.

The iconic Coca-Cola can say almost everything you need to know about red packaging. Just like the classic cola’s caffeine, the color red increases the consumer’s heart rate and gives you a burst of energy. And just like a certain restaurant adorned with Golden Arches, red packaging is well known to stimulate the appetite.

Even outside of the world of food and beverage, red packaging indicates passion and boldness. Wanna take that red convertible for a joy ride? Of course you do!


crest toothpaste box

Photo courtesy of Procter & Gamble

The main feelings associated with blue are trust, security and tranquility.

Many brands who use blue packaging have lengthy histories. Crest Toothpaste goes back to 1955, Life Cereal to 1961 and Pepsi Cola all the way back to the late 1800s! With these tried and true products, it’s no wonder blue packaging instills such a sense of trust. The color communicates all sorts of emotions that make the consumer feel at ease — calm, security, dependability and reliability.


box of Kellogg's Eggo waffles

Photo courtesy of The Kellogg Company

The main feelings associated with yellow are youth, happiness and optimism.

To see the effect of yellow packaging, take a trip down memory lane. Imagine waking up early in the morning on a school day. Maybe you’re worried about a math test, or about taking a dodgeball to the face in PE. All your worries melted away when your mom pulled the bright yellow Eggo box out of the freezer. After a plate of steamy, syrupy waffles all your worries turn to hope and optimism for a better day. That’s yellow packaging in a nutshell — youth and good vibes.

Every element of your packaging matters, from the material and design you choose down to the color. Check back next week when we take things back to basics and explore black and white packaging!