Corrugated Cutouts Are Taking Over

August 26, 2014



At Ernest we love people, and we love paper. But what’s the deal with all of the paper people lately? We’ve seen an unusual number of stories lately about interesting — and sometimes downright strange — uses of corrugated cutouts in recent weeks.

Corrugated Copper

In jolly ol’ England, there have been cutbacks in recent decades to the number of active police officers. So how do they tackle crime with a manpower shortage? With paper police, of course! Back in 2009, 782 corrugated cutouts of police officers were placed near stores in an attempt to deter shoplifting.

 Apparently the effort worked, because the cutouts

are now being used in the UK to deter speeding drivers as well.


Paper Linings Playbook

 Between the Hangover movies and his multiple Academy Award nominations — not to mention being named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive — Bradley Cooper is a pretty lovable guy. But Danielle Davies of New Jersey has taken that love to a new level.

Danielle has started a blog and Instagram feed called My Life With Bradley Cooper in which she shows her daily activities with the actor — or at least with a corrugated cutout of the actor.

She isn’t crazy. She’s just having fun. “If I want a life with Bradley Cooper, well, then … I’ll just make one up,” she told People magazine.



Golfers Flipping Out

The PGA European Tour does a lot of fun and strange Youtube challenges. A few weeks ago, Phil Mickelson tried a new trick — flipping the ball over himself. Or at least over a paper cutout of himself. Several other big-time golfers got in the game as well.

Not bad, but we’ve done some pretty cool challenges ourselves.

 From fighting crime to faking a life with a celebrity, there are a million uses for paper. Earlier this year, we created a paper snowboard, and we’ll be releasing a cardboard surfboard in the next few weeks!

Although this is all fun and games, paper is huge part of creating packaging solutions that help your business accomplish whatever your goals may be. We know paper, and we can’t wait to talk with you about your next paper or packaging project.