Corrugated Point-of-Purchase Displays We Love

May 16, 2017


Point-of-purchase (or POP if you’re pressed for time) displays have been a retail staple since, well, pretty much forever. They make your brand stand out—literally—to shoppers from the competition. They can help customers make connections with similar products (e.g. when you find pizza crusts and parmesan cheese in the aisle with pasta and sauce instead of the bread and cheese aisles).

“Around 70% of retail purchase decisions aren’t made until the customer is actually inside the store,” Greg Feinberg, President and CEO of retail experience marketing firm Aisle 9 Group, said. “That means for all of your advertising and marketing budgets, nothing can have a greater impact on your bottom line and a fantastic POP display. It’s like skipping the marathon and just meeting the runners at the finish line.”

These displays are ubiquitous and they need to be a part of your retail strategy regardless of your specific industry. The benefits of POP displays were clearly outlined by the Harvard Business Review when it stated,

“POP expenditures are of increasing significance to marketers for three reasons. First, they often prove more productive than advertising and promotion expenditures. Second, the decline in sales support at the store level is stimulating interest among retailers in manufacturers’ POP programs. Third, changes in consumers’ shopping patterns and expectations, along with an upsurge in impulse buying, mean that the point of purchase is playing a more important role in consumers’ decision making than ever before.”

Ernest Packaging Solutions creates innovative packaging, yes, but did you know we also can engineer some pretty amazing POP displays? If it will help your brand and it’s made out of paper, it’s in our wheelhouse.

To get your creative juices flowing, we put together a list of some of our favorite POP displays out in the world. Take a look below and see what makes them special.

Cookies and milk go together like cookies and milk! So why not sell cookies with milk … in a milk carton?!

cardboard displaySource

Coca-Cola has managed to maintain vintage appeal for over a century, so this corrugated cardboard display hits all the marks. Easily recognizable, impossible to miss and totally on brand.

cardboard coke displaySource

This one has a lot going on, but the style and drama of this POP display are remarkable. Plus, we have an affinity for anything snowboard related – especially when it’s one made out of paper.

cardboard displaySource

If you’re buying a treat for your dog, why not go the whole nine yards and spoil them rotten with toys and other accessories from Milkbone (and it’s in the shape of a dog house too, how cute?).

cardboard displaySource

The fight for consumer mindshare doesn’t end until the purchase is made – and even then you still need to deliver quality packaging that is easy to use and easy to recycle. It’s a never ending battle and one that requires a lot of creative thinking.

That’s why you should go with Ernest Packaging Solutions for anything packaging related. From POP displays to end caps and the packaging that sits inside, we keep your packaging moving forward from idea to creation to the shopping cart. Contact us today to get started on a multi-level merchandising strategy that will really make you POP! Get it?