Ernest Packaging and Edelbrock Auto Parts: Process Optimization [White Paper]

March 08, 2018


Every inch of your warehouse that isn’t filled is an exciting opportunity. Finding ways to better utilize that space means the possibility of gaining revenue. It can even improve efficiency for you and your clients every single day! When Edelbrock Auto Parts saw a chance to optimize their supply chain, they reached out to Ernest for a solution.

Space is money — Let Ernest optimize yours.

Ernest approaches your space issues with an open mind to find the best possible solutions to fit your business. We take steps other packaging partners won’t, no matter how much heavy lifting is required. When Edelbrock became trapped in a supply chain that left their wallets light and their warehouse packed to the gills, that commitment paid dividends:

“Ernest has saved us a tremendous amount of money, but there’s more to it than that,” says Bob Hutchens, Edelbrock’s engineer and buyer.

“They’ve given us the comfort of knowing someone’s got our back.”

ernest packaging edelbrock auto parts banner

Optimizing your warehouse is always a change for the better. Ernest Packaging Solutions specializes in process optimization and inventory management to keep things running smoothly before and after stock reaches your shelves. With over 70 years in the business, our warehouse expertise runs deep.

Download Ernest Packaging and Edelbrock Auto Parts: A Partnership Built on Performance, and see how Ernest’s innovative solution helped a specialty auto part maker streamline their supply chain.