Ernest’s Cardboard Snowboard Makes Its Live TV Debut!

March 10, 2015

good day sacramento

This time last year, Ernest’s biodegradable cardboard snowboard hit the slopes for the first time. Now it’s back and tackling the snow all over again.

When the team at “Good Day Sacramento” saw last year’s video with Signal Snowboards, they had to try it for themselves. Mike Martinez, Ernest’s Director of Consulting Services, made another board just for them and personally hand-delivered it.

A few weeks ago, the cardboard surfboard made its live TV debut! Check out the highlights!

“Good Day Sacramento” was tough enough to try it out. So what’s up, ESPN? It’s your turn for a ride on the cardboard snowboard! How about you, Fox Sports? Do you have what it takes?

The cardboard snowboard was the very beginning of our Ernest Cardboard Chaos series, and we’ve now added a cardboard surfboard and a cardboard pushbike. We’re working on exciting new additions for 2015 as well!

The level of creativity and craftsmanship that we bring to these projects is that same that we give to our clients each and every day.

Is your current packaging leaving your feeling cold?? Contact us today to really take it for a ride.