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April 12, 2016

Hey there, Ernest Buzz fans! Have you checked out our new Premium Content section of our website yet? It is like putting on a pair of x-ray glasses and looking into the minds of packaging experts. In there you’ll see what makes Ernest Packaging Solutions tick and maybe see the evolution of your package design.

What are you waiting for, go see for yourself! Here is a rundown of everything you can find there now!

Why would food companies spend years perfecting their product — from the food sources to the mouth feel to the taste — and skimp on the packaging engineering? See what really makes food stand up to the competition on the shelf.

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It is one of the coolest and most unique challenges we have faced. To make a Fender Stratocaster out of paper is no easy task – but to make it see through and able to stand up to the shredding of a rock band is another level. How did we do it?

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How a chance meeting with a toymaker led to a fun, safe and really cool no-pedal training bike for kids (that’s strong enough to hold adults too).

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Your package is a billboard that is actually taken inside your customer’s home or place of business. What does it say about you and are you taking advantage of every opportunity to promote your brand?

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Unboxing videos get millions of views on YouTube every day. People can’t separate the experience of opening a package from the contents within. Build perceived value by designing for customer experience.

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Take a whole-packaging approach to make an impact on the floor and increase sales (all while possibly making your packaging more efficient too!).

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Get deeper insights into the project that launched our Cardboard Chaos series. See how we were able to create a snowboard out of paper that could really shred!

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