Glowing Cardboard Box Art Really Shines

May 02, 2017


When Ernest Packaging Solutions took tech/media/music/film/all-things-cool festival South by Southwest by storm this year, we were able to showcase our craft in new and exciting ways to new and exciting people. Putting our cardboard creations on full display is nothing new for us. We like to think of ourselves as a kind of mix between scientists and artists. A little left brain and a little right.

We may think our designs belong in a museum (and who knows, in time our cardboard Fender may just end up in one), but some artists take it to the next level. Take Spanish art collective Pink Intruder as an example. After showcasing an intricate glowing cardboard cube at the Burning Man festival in 2016, they brought the idea home to the Gothic cloister of Valencia’s Centre del Carmen Museum. And boy does it really hog the spotlight.

glowing cardboard art installationSource

glowing cardboard art installationSource

The intricate latticework is carved out of corrugated paperboard and when lit from the inside creates an illuminating experience.

We’re no strangers to strangers doing really cool things with paper. Whether it’s recreating famous literary scenes with book paper or super-talented LA artists crafting entire worlds out of cardboard, there is endless opportunity to what paper can do. Pink Intruder is simply the latest to bring a vision to life using paper. And the result is stunning.

At Ernest Packaging Solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to see the forest through the trees when it comes to paper. “We’re always asking ‘What do you want to accomplish?’” says Director of Design Solutions, Mike Martinez. “We want to know what your wildest dreams are and start from there. Then we can figure out how to make it happen.”

It’s the opposite method you get at many packaging companies and we like it that way. So don’t be left out in the dark when it comes to what is possible with packaging. Let Ernest Packaging Solutions light the way to better, more impactful packaging that really shines! Contact us today to see how we can make your future even brighter.